5 July 2013

Celebrating favourite places: Sat nav app M8 UK launches summer photo contest

Sharing photos is a ubiquitous part of sharing experiences and here at M8 HQ, we’re dying to hear about your favourite places in the world...and see the photos!  Send them to us and you could be in with a chance of winning some pretty cool prizes!

Due to the fact that we like to have a project to keep us occupied over the summer - in between planning road trips, weekends away, holidays, festivals and of course...chasing the sun - we thought there is no better way to pass the time AND get to know our M8 community a bit more, than hosting a photo contest with you all!

We want you to send us photos of your favourite places, that’s it! Everyone has that special somewhere that we hold close to our hearts. Whether it’s a place that sparks a specific happy memory, an area that we associate with travel, holidays and fun times, or even a location at which we feel at home, there are places and spaces that mean a lot to each of us and we want you to send us photos of that favourite place.

And it wouldn’t be a contest without prizes now would it?! Never fear, we’re offering you guys the chance to win prizes that include a Samsung Galaxy S4, an amazing digital camera and a cool video camera - everything you need to stay connected, capture memories and share experiences!

Hosted on our M8 UK’s Facebook page, all you need to do is ‘like’ the special tab, and enter! All photos entered into the contest will be opened up for voting by fellow Facebook fans. The twenty most popular photos - those with the most votes - will then be sent through to the next round during which a panel of highly esteemed judges  - aka the M8 UK team, their mums and nans - will select the winners of the impressive prize packages.

Whether capturing a specific place, or celebrating the culture of a particular area, we are looking for creative images that showcase your most cherished place in the world. What’s even more brilliant, is that the rest of the M8 teams are getting involved so we’ll get to share photos of some amazing places in Spain, France, Germany and South Africa in addition to your UK hotspots! Let’s see if we can come up with the best photos though, eh? We don’t want them to poke fun of us on our next ‘ M8 team away day.’

The competition will run until July 31, 2013, and we will be judging the 20 most popular photos after that to decide on the winning entries.

We know you’re a creative bunch so we’re really excited about the photo contest to see if we can uncover some undiscovered talent too.  

We’ll be following the contest, and chatting about our favourite places on Twitter @localm8, and of course on our Facebook page. Remember to include #M8faveplace so we don’t miss your mention!

Good luck folks, and get snapping!


1 July 2013

Wallace & Gromit come on board to sort out M8 users' summer road trips with sat nav app promo

Who loves Wallace & Gromit? We do - and that’s why we’re so excited to launch this summer promo in partnership with the guys at Aardman Studios.

Our national heroes Wallace & Gromit have selected M8 as chief sat-nav partners, and teamed up with us to offer you gorgeous people of the M8 community a unique mobile app experience that will definitely make navigating around the UK much, much more fun.

Having recently launched the Wallace & Gromit sat nav voice available as a one-time in-app purchase, M8 is chucking in Wallace & Gromit’s awesome-looking Anti Pesto van navigation icon to iPhone and Android users for free during the summer with every purchase!

M8 users are in for a real treat. Just imagine the possibilities....Planning a road trip around the nation’s best cheesemongers? Keen to take in the finest examples of Great British inventions? Or simply need to get from A to B....M8 UK is offering a unique Wallace & Gromit experience. It’s one thing being given turn by turn directions by the famous pair, quite another to be able to navigate your way around the UK in the trusty van made famous in the fabulous The Curse of the Were-Rabbit film!!

M8 users will be able to fire up our sat nav app, plan the route and set off in the van, putting Wallace in charge of the map. Along the way you can apply the brakes of the Anti-Pesto to take in some UK landmarks (as shown in M8 in all their lovely 3D glory), a spot of lunch (taking inspiration from Trip Advisor or the Good Pub Guide), a bit of shopping (bag an offer from MyVoucherCodes.co.uk) or even a theme park (as shown in the M8 search feature) - A perfect way to spend the day, weekend, week...heck the whole of the summer holidays, exploring what the UK has to offer with your good pals, Wallace & Gromit!

OK, so let’s get down to the details....

First of all, M8 users need to make sure that they have the latest version of M8 UK available on Google Play or the Apple App Store. A quick check and you’ll be updated and ready to go! Once that’s out of the way, simply purchase the Wallace & Gromit sat nav voice - available to buy from within the app for £2.99 - and receive the iconic Anti-Pesto van for free.
Having trouble changing from the snazzy red race car or vintage convertible normally used to navigate the roads? Simply tap the vehicle icon and hold, then scroll through to select Wallace & Gromit’s van. You might have to flick through a few, but trust us - it’s there!

What’s more, once the offer ends the Wallace & Gromit navigation experience doesn’t have to, the van icon is yours forever, it’s for keeps! Not bad, eh?

That’s it, easy peasy M8 sat nav with a Wallace & Gromit makeover.
To download the latest version of the app, please visit iTunes or Google Play.

So pop over to Twitter @localm8 or Facebook, and make us jealous with tales of your road trips this summer, tell us about your favourite Wallace & Gromit film, or even just say ‘hello’!

Check out Wallace & Gromit, and the Anti-Pesto van in action: