15 January 2013

Souped-up M8, your local mate in the UK!

You may have noticed a few changes to M8 over the past week or so and we’re really excited about the latest version of our app!

We’ve undergone a major update and feel that our app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Touch device owners is even better than ever, so here’s a little bit of information about what’s new.

OK, so we’ll start with the really fun stuff.

M8 Community

First of all - everyone using M8 can become part of the M8 community. You can illustrate your personality and mood with fun avatars, share tips on hidden gems when you come across them, warn others about unimpressive scones - the worst crime of any establishment serving afternoon tea according to our team - and generally get to know like minded people across the UK who are going about their everyday lives and exploring these great islands.

Who do you trust? Michelin, Good Pub Guide, Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Yelp......

For all of you - and we know there are millions out there - who love a good pub, a tasty meal out, a great spot for quick lunch or a fine dining restaurant for a special occasion, we’re so pleased to be able to offer you all the complete and much loved Michelin and The Good Pub Guide fountains of information / inspiration! Seek out the top rated pubs and restaurants wherever you are in the UK using the Michelin and Good Pub Guides, checking the Lonely Planet and Yelp information and of course those Trip Advisor reviews! With M8, you’re armed with the best tools to make the right decision on where to eat, drink and socialise with friends and family.

Sounds like......who?

Now we move on to - and this is something we’re really excited about - our new navigation voices! Since M8 was launched in 2012 we’ve seen lots of people in the UK begin to use M8 as their default sat nav tool. We’re thrilled to be able to offer the voices of actors Kim Cattrall or Verne Troyer to deliver your turn by turn directions! And if they weren’t enough - and you want a bit of a spiritual or Knightrider-style journey - you can also select the Voice of God or Mission Patrol as the your navigator! One of our team - Barry - can’t wait to listen to Kim Cattrall giving him instructions!

Getting you guys from A to B as quickly as possible and notifying you of heavy traffic and speed cameras and things, we’re delighted to hear that people are enjoying using M8 mobile app, and it’s doing it’s job in terms of delivering accurate satellite navigation! Let us know which of the voices is your favourite - we’d love to hear you!

Get a room!

This next update is for those of you who love to explore the UK far and wide - we’ve updated M8, your local mate in the UK with leading hotel portal HRS! If you love escaping for the weekend, discovering a new favourite city or just need somewhere nearby to rest your head, now you can browse the fabulous hotels listed on the HRS database. With more choice than ever, you’ll never have a bad night’s sleep again! Well....you know what we mean - you have lots of great hotels built in to the shiny new M8 to choose from... and you’ll be able to read the reviews too...so you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Groovier, more accurate, safer navigation!

Last - but certainly not least - I bring to you the final updates that we think will make navigating and driving even better (if it could get any better!). The UK has some of the world’s most fabulous and famous landmarks. We felt they needed a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ so we asked our fabulously creative team, they’ve waved their magic wands and now all of the landmarks show up on the maps in 3D! Super!

Recognising that we’re all very busy people these days, our fabulous development team have come up with a feature that enables you to calculate your ETA which is very handy if you have an important meeting planned, or have friends expecting you for dinner - M8 makes sure that you know how long your journey will take, and when you can expect to arrive. That’s not all, when you’re driving to your destination M8 will now let you know the speed limits of the roads to keep you safe and sound.

With a mission to fulfil your every need and whim, we hope the new M8 for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Touch delivers!

As always - if you need reminding - M8, your local mate in the UK is free to download:
Apple App store, Google Play for Android and BlackBerry Appworld:

We’re on Twitter at @localm8 and on Facebook too so pop along, let us know what you think of the latest M8 and give us a bit of your chat.