24 April 2013

Have you put a British icon in control of the map? Stephen Fry available as your sat nav voice!

Image courtesy of http://www.stephenfry.com/ 
Some of you have jumped at the opportunity, and others may have noticed - thanks @Foxytweets for your mention - that M8 UK has welcomed the unmistakable voice of Stephen Fry to the range of artificial voices that users operating M8 UK on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Touch devices can select to deliver directions when they’re out and about across the UK.

We’re huge fans of Mr. Stephen Fry here at M8 HQ, and welcome him into the bosom of our ‘M8 UK Voice Command Family’ - really rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it? - with huge smiles and open arms! The M8 community can opt to have turn by turn navigation prompts read to them by the star of Blackadder, Oscar Wilde and QI by making a simple one-off in app purchase so whether you are on a business trip, road trip with family, lost in a new town, or doing a spot of urban orienteering with friends, Stephen Fry can be right there with you, helping you navigate and arrive at your destination.

With a sophisticated accent that is rooted in the foundations of UK culture, the voice of much loved TV personality, author, actor, comedian and advocate for innovative technology joins the voices of well known actors Kim Cattrall and Verne Troyer in being available for selection to deliver accurate navigation commands to our M8 community as part of the sat nav feature.

We want the M8 UK app to be as fun as possible to use, and to be as useful as possible, so we are always thinking, discussing and working on enriching the overall experience. Whether ensuring that our users get the best deals around wherever they are by integrating MyVoucherCodes, helping out when users are on the lookout for a petrol station, or even making sure that you guys don’t end up in a rubbish bar by providing recommendations for a good pub through the Good Pub Guide feature, we strive to deliver the best all in one app available to the UK. And we think that the addition of Stephen Fry’s melodious voice is just, well...fabulous!

We're delighted to be able to offer such a personality - a national treasure if you will - to deliver directions to users. Stephen Fry is undoubtedly one of the most widely recognised characters in the UK and his passion for British culture, together with his zeal for pioneering technology makes him a perfect match for M8 UK.

So we've got Verne Troyer, Mission Control, God, Kim Cattrall and Stephen Fry available to deliver directions to our M8 community, but who else would you like to be bossed about by? Let us know on Twitter @localm8 or on our Facebook page.

By Telmap Mate

9 April 2013

Egg-cellent: M8 UK announces Easter M8 winner!

Phew, what an Easter it’s been! We’ve been all over the UK visiting friends and relatives, enjoying meals out, squeezing in a few trips to the pub, and of course, using M8 UK on our mobile phones to make the most of our surroundings!

We launched our Easter M8 competition just before the school holidays and well, quite frankly we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of you that entered! With that in mind, firstly we’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to share your memories with us!

Some made us laugh, some made us blush, some made us cringe and some were downright shocking. Our judging panel has been holed up in M8 HQ all day yesterday and today with only the last of the Easter eggs to keep them going, and after much deliberating they’ve reached a decision.

Drum roll please....

With a story that made us all giggle....And with a memory that we’re sure the family will never forget...The winner of the 2013 Easter M8 competition - and the lucky person who walks away with an iPad mini is - Rosalind Sargeant!

Easter holiday: The mishap with the Easter Bunny and beach bums!

A year ago in April, we went on holiday to the beach. Yep. Such a lovely holiday location. It was cold, freezing, and the water stung. Of course, on holidays, something always happens that makes the whole thing priceless, and my husband always seemed to trigger that. It wasn't until the third day when the Hubbie decided to run past all of the Tents in a Easter Bunny outfit with my son, the best thing I have ever seen. We then saw him trip over the ropes holding the toilet tent up, forcing the tent to come tumbling down whilst a middle aged woman was sitting on it with a roll of toilet paper in her hand. Should of seen her face! She didn't know whether to laugh or scream.

Congratulations to Rosalind a.k.a 

! You created a fantastic - if a little gross - mental image for all of us with your story! Hilarious!

Thanks again for everyone who entered, and we hope you all had a very happy Easter!!

Pop over to Twitter and Facebook to chat to us, and of course there'll be lots more rewards for you in the months to come!

By Telmap Mate