6 February 2013

M8 can show you the city!

Visiting or living in a city in the UK can be exciting, exhausting, rewarding and chaotic at times. With over 60% of the UK population having adopted a smartphone - whether iPhone, Android or BlackBerry - according to comScore’s figures, we’re fairly sure that a lot of you are using your mobile devices to carry out tasks that help make life in the city that little bit easier or convenient, even more fun or more satisfying!

We’ve been talking about urban dwelling and city break holidays for a long time here at M8 HQ, and we believe that the key to making the most of your experience in one of the many fantastic cities within the UK, is getting the inside scoop on the area you’re in - it’s best to become a local, regardless of the length of your stay.

Everyone needs a little help to keep their finger on the pulse, whether that’s grabbing a couple of recommendations from friends or getting extra information from sources you trust. M8, your local mate in the UK for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Touch devices aims to deliver that all-important information or those sought-after recommendations, giving you all the tools you might need to get the most out of your UK experience whether it’s your local community, a holiday spot or business travel destination.

From knowing where the best coffee is served to finding out that an amazing Vietnamese restaurant offers 2 for 1 on Pho every Thursday, noticing that there is free parking just a few streets away and being able to support a local independent bookshop rather than spend your well earned cash at a chain, remembering that although the closest cash machine is constantly rammed at lunchtime there’s another that’s always available around the corner, and on those days of sunshine - however rare they may be - there’s a lovely little community garden just minutes away. These are the little things that locals are aware of, and these gems can make all the difference.

Usually it takes a bit of time - not to mention a large social circle and a good map - to get to know these nuggets of information and they can be pretty difficult to come by if, for example, you’re in Manchester for the first time for a romantic weekend break. There’s nothing worse than feeling a bit lost and disappointed, and knowing only too well that you’re missing an area’s ‘best bits’. We’re working hard to save you from those awful feelings and bad experiences!

We’ve drawn together all of the content and information you will find on Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, The Good Pub Guide and Michelin travel guide, and integrated it all into our fantastically accurate maps alongside Twitter and Facebook social media communication. With access to all of this information, you’ll never put a foot wrong in a city - or at least, we hope you’ll be saved from rubbish service, from feeling ripped off, or indeed suffering a horrible meal or hideously expensive parking!

Sometimes words just aren’t enough so we’ve created this cool animation to demonstrate the ways in which the M8 mobile app can be used as a handy city guide or holiday companion. You may have noticed it on our website, Facebook or Twitter feed, so please let us know what you think!

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