14 March 2013

Cheers! M8 and the in-app The Good Pub Guide offer for a limited time only!

image courtesy of The Girl's Guide to Good Beer

Phew - it’s almost the weekend AND it’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day!

Now we recognise how hard the good people of the UK work, so we thought you deserved a little treat when it comes to the “rest and play” (to use a catchphrase of a very famous and tasty chocolate bar) part of life.

We thought and thought and thought about it.... and think we’ve come up with the PERFECT little promotion for you guys!

Having had such a fantastic response to the Good Pub Guide feature we integrated into M8 at the start of the year, we’re very pleased to announce that M8 users will be able to purchase the Good Pub Guide through the M8 app for the very special price of £2.99 - an absolute bargain!

For a limited time only, the Good Pub Guide is available at the discounted price, but it’s a one-off, in-app purchase so once you have it in the bag, then you keep it! You’ll have access to the Good Pub Guide and the wealth of information, recommendations and reviews that it provides as a best selling travel guide in Britain.

Fully integrated into the M8 app available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry Touch devices, the Good Pub Guide feature contains all content from The Good Pub Guide 2013 - that means that it’s full of ideas, totally up to date, accurate and won’t send you on a wild goose chase to a pub that’s sadly turned off its beer pumps.

From the Good Pub Guide icon on the M8 app homescreen, you can search for pubs near to your GPS location, or you can explore pubs a little further afield by searching by town, county or postcode. The "worth a visit" and "Top Pubs" features are also handy if you’re in need of inspiration. Also, if you know what you’re looking for but need a little more information, you can search for a specific pub by name. We’ve even included "all you need to know" - great for checking out opening hours, awards, live entertainment and that sort of thing.

So there you have it, go forth and explore the UK with M8 and the Good Pub Guide - you’re saving yourself £1 so you can buy yourselves an extra packet of scampi fries, pork scratchings, peanuts, or whatever your bar snack of choice may be!

Head on over to Facebook and Twitter to tell us about your favourite pubs in the UK, and if M8 has helped you to discover any cool bars, cosy pubs or local boozers.

*Don't be silly, please enjoy pubs responsibly

By Telmap Mate