17 December 2012

Festive M8, your local mate in the UK: Top 10 Christmas party season tips…Part Two

We gave you festive season party tips 1 – 5 this morning, so here you go folks – the final five tips from our team here at M8 HQ to help you survive and have fun this Christmas!

6. Drink!

We’re not advocating binge drinking, we’re talking about healthy hydration. It may seem like common sense, but it’s pretty difficult. During the day, all we crave is coffee and sugar to keep us going and don’t start us on trying in the evenings….

Minimising hangovers, helping keep tiredness at bay, making your skin glow and supporting your tummy as it copes with rich foods and drinks, water is the elixir of life so do try to hit the recommended 6 – 8 glasses a day. One of the M8 app team – and he always looks fresh as a daisy – suggests drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning, and another just before bed to help you toward peak hydration!

7. Grab a bargain

Simple. Check out local cafes, restaurants and bars for money-saving deals offering discounts, 2 for 1 vouchers, that sort of thing. Spas and beauty salons also tend to offer special packages to get you ready for Christmas, or to wind down in January, so keep an eye out and snap them up!

8. Don’t be complacent

On a serious note, just because it’s Christmas and you’re full of joy and goodwill to all, don’t assume everyone else will be. Ladies keep your handbag zipped and with you at all times, and don’t leave your drinks down. Guys, it might be an idea to move your wallet from the back to your front pocket, and if you’re driving through busy city centres, always lock car doors as a precaution.

9. Stash extra cash

Think about keeping some extra cash on you. From splitting bills and leaving tips, to that all-important kebab, bus fare or last minute taxis, it’s handy to have extra money and change in your purse or wallet. Stuck for money and can’t find a cash machine? Check the M8 app on your iPhone, Android smartphone or BlackBerry Touch device and it’ll show you all the cash machines located nearby.

10. Office parties

We all love Christmas parties, but they should come with a warning. One of our top survival tips has to be…no matter how attractive someone might appear, don’t go there! It’s almost always going to be a bad idea to pursue Dave the Janitor or Janet from Accounts on the night. Check out this article on Female First revealing that 1 in 7 Brits are set to make a move at the office party – scary! Our advice? Wait until January. If the sparks are still flying then hey, we’re not ones to stand in the way of love!

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