3 December 2012

M8, your local mate app helping UK users find what they’re looking for

“And they still…haven’t found…what they’re looking for…” may indeed be the sweet laments of the great U2, they may even be the words sung by the rest of the UK, but not so for members of our M8 community!

Since we launched our mobile application M8, your local mate in the UK, we’ve had some *ahem* interesting searches made by people using their iPhone, Android or BlackBerry Touch devices, but let’s not go into that in too much detail, we like to keep this blog clean!

What’s clear from our ‘M8 Chart of Top Searches’ is that over the past few months, our community has been using M8 to search for the things that make everyday life run a little bit more smoothly, and applying our mobile app to direct them there as quickly and as simply, as possible.

We’ve calculated that M8 has helped people navigate over 4.76million KM since our launch – which is amazing(!) – and it shows us that lots of people are finding M8 to be effective and useful as they travel throughout the UK. Taking up the top spots of popular searches, petrol stations and parking seem to be the order of the day. At times when drivers need to keep on motoring, they’re seeking and finding their way to nearby fuel pumps using M8’s gas station finder, while finding available parking spaces and cash machines via the app when they need to stop. Looks like you guys really appreciate the practical information and essentials when you’re on the road – fantastic!

While all of the practical searches are great, we are glad to see that not all of the top searches are routine based and that our M8 community is a sociable bunch that likes to enjoy themselves! Evidence that our community likes to have a good time, people appear to be using M8 to explore – seeking out fun bars and good restaurants wherever they are, getting the scoop from Yelp, Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet reviews, and checking them out on social media.

Jostling for top positions are ‘restaurants’ and ‘bars’, and we can only imagine that searches of this type will increase as we enter the Christmas party season!

We’d love to hear how you are using M8, your local mate in the UK, and if you have any questions feel free to catch us on Twitter @localm8 or Facebook, or send us an email feedback@telmap.com.