24 June 2013

Check it out: London Tube map access for M8 users!

Image courtesy of Gigaom.com

The warmer weather is intermittently showing itself and here at M8 HQ we’re feeling pretty excited about the summer in the UK. So much so that we’ve been planning for months to enhance and update the services we offer you just in time for any summer staycations, road trips or even just to help you guys make the most of the longer days and balmy (we wish) evenings.

Now, we know that all you Londoners - native, temporary or alien - make great use of the public transport offered in the capital and one of the most iconic transport networks is undoubtedly the great London Underground. This year marked 150 years of the London tube transporting people around the city, so it really could be considered, a lifeblood of the city. Day after day people merrily make their way to tube stations across London to embark on glorious journeys in a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere filled with engaging chatter among passengers, and the gentle rustling of newspapers.*

For those living in the city, the Tube is an essential part of their lives - it’s their connection to friends, family, jobs and new opportunities. For tourists, the London Underground is the gateway to both hidden and infamous treasures of the city, a cheap way to mingle with locals and get around a huge city.As such, we wanted to make sure that everyone in our M8 community has all of the information they need to be able to navigate the capital, stress free so we’ve integrated the London Underground tube map into our own maps. Fantastic news, isn’t it?

So when you’re in London, fire up M8 and you will be able to plan your day/ evening / weekend / heck, your life to great detail making use of all of our features designed to help you navigate, save you money, find friends - to an extent guys, we can only do so much in that department ;) -  get the inside track on bars and restaurants, book hotels and locate all of the essentials - cash machine, petrol stations, hospitals.... you get the idea.

About London has a great article providing all of the sensible tips you need for travelling by Tube. Read it here.

In terms of etiquette - and here at M8 we love the uniqueness of British etiquette - we also love Debretts tips on negotiating the London Underground like a local:

And if you’re a competitive sort, why not try the Tube Challenge and attempt a Guinness World Record? Try to clock the fastest time for travelling to all 270 stations on the London Underground - go on, the record is set at 16h: 29mins: 57s so it’s yours to lose!

Ok so we know this is a bit of a London centric post but bookmark it for your next trip to the capital, and let us know if you want us to cover Glasgow’s Clockwork Orange, the Pembrokeshire Coastal paths, Manchester Metro...wherever really, just post a comment below, tweet us @localm8, or leave us a message on our Facebook page!

Cheers, your local M8

*Disclaimer: We know, we know, it’s for the tourists  / newbies so just run with it please, Londoners

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