27 June 2013

Mobile app M8 UK's tips for a top Wimbledon!

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What an amazing few days! M8 HQ ia a-buzz with all things Wimbledon this week as we see the The 127th annual Tennis major championship once again take over the South West of the capital over the next two weeks. Already we've seen favourites Nadal, Sharapova and Federer crash out and 7 players retire through injury, so the stage is set for a truly unpredictable Championships!

Final preparations were rounded up at the All England Club last week, and now our Wimbledon days are packed with star players, the spectators, the games, copious amounts of Pimm’s and of course, juicy strawberries and fresh cream!

Every year thousands descend upon what is - at all other times of the year - a leafy village that seems a world away from the hustle bustle of central London. SW19 is transformed during the Championships that brings a fantastic buzz to the shops, cafes and restaurants catering for the influx of tourists and locals looking to celebrate what is one of the UK’s most important events of the year.

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Wimbledon this year, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you keep the stress levels to a minimum.

Get there early
Wimbledon remains one of the very few major UK sporting events where you can still buy premium tickets on the day of play. If you plan to get in line for the hottest tickets in London, we recommend you get the first tube of the day to make sure you’re in prime position. The walk from Southfields tube takes around 15-20 minutes so factor that in too.

Plan your journey
You can get to Wimbledon Championships by London Tube, by car, by bus, bike or walk if you’re lucky enough to be staying nearby. With such a small area welcoming hundreds of thousands of spectators, players and staff, please make sure you plan your route, allow yourself enough time and consider using a handy sat nav to map the best route, try to locate that golden parking spot, and plan your post-match socialising....Oh funny we should mention that, but mobile app M8 UK is perfect for that! Download it for free to your iOS, Android and BlackBerry Touch mobiles and start organising!

Prepare for the weather
Just like any British summer day, the weather during Wimbledon can offer everything from scorching sunshine to downpours and hailstones so be prepared by wearing layers and making sure you have a waterproof, some suncream, sunglasses and a hat with you just in case. Better safe than sorry, as they say!

Strawberries and Pimm’s Cups
Not much to say, but we know that both of these Wimbledon traditions - when consumed in moderation - will undoubtedly minimise stress levels and put a smile on your face! 

The official strawberry variety of the Championships is Elsanta (Team M8 won’t eat any other type, naturally), and 112,000 punnets of strawberries are eaten over the fortnight. Freshly picked and delivered to Wimbledon at around 5:30 A.M. for inspection and hulling, these delightful berries - consumed alongside fruit filled Pimm’s Cups - provide much needed sustenance, antioxidants, vitamins and refreshment to the hordes of spectators. The organisers really do take our health seriously, don’t they?!

We received this great tip a few years ago and it really has enhanced our Wimbledon experience. We recommend you bring a set of headphones if you are very keen on following the matches point by point rather than simply soaking up the atmosphere. You’ll get all of the benefits of live commentary while being able to partake in the carnival atmosphere!

Look out for Rufus the hawk
A familiar sight during the Wimbledon Championships, a raptor is flown each morning and evening of, pre- and post-play to scare off any pigeons that might interrupt matches. Introduced in 1999 as an environmentally friendly scare factor, hawks and falcons patrol the skies above the courts all year around. Causing outrage and much media attention last year  Rufus - a Harris’ hawk and the club’s most famous protector - was stolen from the club but thankfully was later found unharmed. It was a very tense few days for everyone as the whole of the UK held their breath, apart from the pigeons who looked decidedly smug.

So there you have it, a few little tips from Team M8 to help you make the most of the Wimbledon Championships. We can’t do anything about Andy Murray’s performance, but we can make sure that you organise your days without a hiccup and don’t get lost along the way.

We’ll be following the matches over the coming weeks, routing for Andy Murray and hanging out in Wimbledon - either watching from Murray Mound, or firing up M8 to get the local info - from Trip Advisor or the Good Pub Guide features - on where's best to go to enjoy watching all the action on a huge screen from the comfort of pub barstool or sofa, favourite tipple in hand.

Fingers crossed for sunshine, folks, and come on Murray!


Team M8

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